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Kids Activities in Broken Bow, OK

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Being a mom isn’t always easy. The baby tantrums, the sass, and cute innocent demands your little ones make can be challenging sometimes, but that’s the most beautiful part of being a mommy. When you have kids age 3-years-old and older it’s always a job finding activities to keep them entertained. So if you’re wondering how to delight your kiddos, why not book a family trip to Broken Bow - the #1 Travel Destination in the US.

About Broken Bow

Surrounded by nature, beauty and serenity, the North Texans call the area Broken Bow while locals or frequent travelers know this place as Hochatown. Geographically, Hochatown is the main area, which is just 8 miles away from Broken Bow town, where you can find gorgeous vacation cabin rentals.

But that’s not it. There’s Broken Bow Lake, Beavers Bend State Park, Mountain Fork River, and all mesmerizing sights to ensure complete family adventure, especially for kids.

Broken Bow for Kids

#1 US Road Trip Destination

Road trips from Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana are within a gas tank drive away. If you’re specifically planning for Broken Bow in Oklahoma but not sure how to keep your children busy there? Relax, grab a cup of coffee, and keep scrolling down to know the awesome things to do in Broken Bow for kids.

Beaver’s Bend

Mining Company

The Beaver’s Bend Mining Company is one of the popular local tourist destinations near Broken Bow Lake, where kids become explorers and get busy in the mining experience. It’s a perfect location to keep your children away from their electronic gadgets to have them a whole lot of fun through their imaginations.


Want to make your kids experience some real-life mining? Take them to the gemstone mining at Beaver’s Bend Mining Co. And let them enjoy digging for some emerald, sapphire, topaz, crystal points, and many more!

Beaver’s Bend Mining Company even offers a “Motherlode” package where your kids can uncover all the hidden treasures, including gemstones, arrowheads, fossils, and geode style amethyst.

Dino Dig

“Dino Dig” is another fun venture for kids where they learn about dinosaurs. Plus, they can also enroll in a hands-on dino dig to unearth dinosaur teeth and fossils as well as visit the famous dino dig exhibit to see real dinosaur’s teeth, skulls, and claws.

And don’t forget to take your kids to the “Boneyard” to reveal and understand different fossils types. Once they learn, take them to the fun quiz. Lastly, end your day by taking photographs with a 12-foot raptor.

Pirate’s Cove

“Aye… Batten Down the Hatches.”

Yes! The Pirate’s Cove will make your 5-year-old or older kid crazy for this pirate-themed play area. The pirate-themed music with crashing waves and creaking plank sounds makes the place feel like a real pirate ship.

So don’t miss watching them act like a pirate because you’ll surely love to see them living out their play fantasy.

  • See your kids getting their sea legs

  • Climbing rock walls and ladders to evade enemy ships

  • Steering the pirate ship and reaching the bow

Pirate’s Cove-Putt Golf

Next is the Krakens Revenge Minature Golf, also called the “Putt-Putt Golf.” So if your kids love playing it, make sure you take them for the tour! And if mommy loves it too. Bingo! Play one-on-one, challenge your children and have loads of happiness together.

Wax Hands

Lastly, take your child for the hand wax to have a memorable piece of décor to bring back home. So hold their hand, dip them together in blue, yellow, white, or red wax to make a cast. And four minutes later, see the beautiful wax sculpture of mommy-baby hands that will stay as a memento for years.

Hochatown Petting Zoo

The Hochatown Petting Zoo is a family-friendly attraction. You and your young ones can interact with different barnyard animals, pet reptiles and enjoy the beautiful sounds of hummingbirds and a lot more.

The place is a petting zoo but even a rehabilitation center and home to injured and orphaned animals. You can come along with your kids, let them feed the adorable goats, have them hold baby hedgehogs, and play with all the beautiful animals, including baby ducks and guinea pigs.

The MAZE of Hochatown

Imagine getting lost in a 29,000 square feet maze and finding the way out? Scary, exciting, and fun, isn’t it? That’s what visitors adore about the “Maze.” Although this attraction welcomes all ages, the real entertainment begins when kids beat the twists and turns and finally get back to mom and dad.

There are several passageways, towers, and stairways, which help them navigate their way out. And while doing so, they are tasked to find hidden stamps when leaving this huge outdoor puzzle made of wood surrounded by the breathtaking sceneries of Oklahoma.

BigFoot Speedway

The BigFoot Speedway is a famous Go-Kart place in Broken Bow. It’s a family-owned business that offers stirring Go-Kart rides for all ages. So don’t worry about your kids’ safety because the environment is secured, highly monitored, with up-to-date go-karts and clean tracks.

Apart from the go-kart rides, your kids can also go for the “BigFoot VR” to experience the virtual 3D roller coaster rides.

There are 28 films, and your child can choose any of them to make the ride more electrifying. And while your kids have the 3D fun, you can spin your head at the “BigFoot 360” ride.

Hochatown Amusements

If you’re looking for some casual fun, visit the Hochatown Amusements because this your ticket to full family enjoyment when you’re vacationing in Broken Bow cabins. Hochatown Amusement is a park with numerous activities for kids. However, its most attractive features are miniature golf and Go-Kart racing. And if you’re on a big family vacation, you can even get group rates and special discounts.

Bend Train Depot

& Horseback Riding

Your kids will be amazed to see the C.P. Huntington S.P. train replica at the Beavers Bend Depot and Trail Rides, originally manufactured in 1863.

Also known as the “Beavers Bend Train Depot and Horseback Riding,” the place offers hourly train and horse rides that come with free admission. Catching the train gives you a calm tour through Wahoo Hill around Beavers Bend State Park so that you can relish the stunning views of Mother Nature.

After completing the train ride, make sure to pay a visit to the stables to get another hourly horseback ride to see the gorgeous 2.5 miles of terrains and wildlife views. However, it is recommended to join this journey with your children if they’re 4-years-old or younger, older than 4 can experience the adventure on their own.

And if you want to thrill your children more, hold your horses at the gift shop to buy a variety of ice creams and candies, while you can shop for souvenirs.

Train Depot located in the forest of Beavers Bend State Park will take families on a train ride tour of the forest
Beavers Bend Train Depot & Trail Rides

Riverman Trail Rides

Want your kids to experience Western horseback riding? Well, this is the right spot. The Riverman Trail Rides is another chance to take your kids for horseback riding in Broken Bow while breathing the fresh air of natural sites, climbing, and crossing creeks and mountains.

The more you move forward, the more interesting views your kids see. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture photos of birds and wildlife when you’re on nature travel. Two trail experts are always there to guide you and tell fascinating facts about the place.

And if you think you can’t take a day off to book this adventure, feel free to reserve the overnight rides with your family.

Tiki Boat Tour

If you’re in Broken Bow and haven’t taken any Tiki boat tour, then you’re journey isn’t complete. One of the best Broken Bow experiences is offered by “The Broken Tiki” at Tiki Boat Tours.

Wonderful experience whether with your family, friends, or kids. Relax on the pontoon boat decorating tiki style, and enjoy your favorite cocktail while waiting for the shuttle to take you to the Tiki boat to savor an hourly lake cruise ride. This is a wonderful way to experience the Beauty of Broken Bow Lake

Beavers Bend Wildlife Museum

Museum? Really? Aren’t they boring for kids?

Yes, they are, unless it’s the Beavers Bend Wildlife Museum. Why? Because it’s just not a place to provide information about native animals, but kids can also enjoy seeing 11 wildlife species in their natural habitat.

They can see and hear elks and bulls bugling on a fresh and cold morning and wolves howling in a snow-covered artificial environment. And guess what, there are fish as well waiting for your kids at the museum.

On the other hand, the Beavers Bend Wildlife Museum also has a separate wing called “Out of Africa” dedicated to a broad range of African species on display, including zebras, antelopes, elephants, and many more. All of them are kept in replicated African surroundings, just like the real jungle.

Bigfoot ART Monsters “Splatter Room”

Want to take the fun indoors, check out Hochatown’s only paint splatter room. They offer standard options or blackroom glow in the dark options to let your creative side go wild. This is fun for the whole family.Bigfoot ART Monsters “Splatter Room”

Logo for Bigfoot Art Monsters Splatter Rooms
Bigfoot Art Monsters Splatter Rooms

Hochatown Scavenger Hunt

Endure the beautiful landmarks and surrounding areas of the Beavers Bend State Park together with the challenging Hochatown Scavenger Hunt game. This venue is different from the typical scavenger hunt places because the map makes you roam around the entire attraction to find the points of interest.

In that way, you enjoy the game and even uncover unique parts of the State Park. Hochatown Scavenger Hunt is fun for all ages and surely an unforgettable experience that creates a strong bond between you and your kids.

Hochatown Escape Games

Looking for a challenge while in Broken Bow, Hochatown Escape Games is just what your looking for. These games are divided into four different rooms:

· Bomb Squad: Be prepared to diffuse a bomb just like you see in the movies.

· Cabin in the Woods: Team up to solve a murder mystery in an hour.

· Cabin Fever: Find the antidote to stop the contagion before it affects the entire room.

· Wild West: Get rid of the corrupt sheriff who steals lands from the locals.

These games are made on themes, and fun for the whole family as you work together to solve the clues. You can choose the one that fits your kids preference, but parents will have a blast with this as well.

Themed games for a family to solve with clues
Hochatown Escape Games

BigFoot Axe Throwing

The BigFoot Axe Throwing in Broken Bow is one of the best entertainment for all the visitors. You can participate in the axe throwing game and hit the bullseye to show your strength. And if your children are 10-years-old or older, they can also play this game and have fun.

Hochatown Bumper Cars

The Hochatown Bumper Cars are fun, and the reason is pretty simple; kids get to drive no matter how old they are. However, they should be old enough to take all the safety measures. So bump into other cars while sitting next to your kids.

Gutter Chaos

Gutter Chaos is a full-service bar featuring mouthwatering food, bowling, billiards, and a giant arcade. So while you’re busy striking, leave your kids to the arcade area, so you all have fun under the same roof.

Hochatown Extreme

If you’re craving rock climbing, zip line tour, or extreme jumping, then the Hochatown Extreme near Broken Bow is a great place to spend a day. Although the attraction is suitable for adults, you can still visit here with your older kids to double the excitement.


Spending quality time in a beautiful and serene vacation cabin is always joyful. But the fun multiplies when you’re renting a cabin in Broken Bow to have fun trip with your family and children. In Hochatown, you are surrounded by a range of attractions perfect for both children and parents.

If you’re planning to travel to this #1 Travel Destination in the US, S’mores Luxury Cabins will provide the ultimate in luxury travel and glamping accommodations. Our cabins are peaceful, delightful, comfortable, and near all the prominent points of interest for dining and entertainment.


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