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Bigfoot Country - Broken Bow / Hochatown Adventures

Coming to Broken Bow and Hochatown in Oklahoma means you are sure to run into Bigfoot. Whether that happens to be the large Sasquatch sign at the local Gasquatch Gas Station greeting you on your entry to the Broken Bow area or the stuffed animal versions of Bigfoot and the countless tourist schwag items designed to feature Bigfoot. Bigfoot sightings have also been reported when seeing the Bigfoot She-nanigans crew driving around the area and headed to their next gig visiting cabins, birthday parties or hanging out at their favorite local stores. Then there are the documented reports of seeing Bigfoot, hearing Bigfoot or finding evidence of Bigfoot. Either way, Bigfoot is a BIG hit in Oklahoma. Are you a believer?

Bigfoot sightings aren’t unusual in the dense forests around Hochatown. Here are a couple fairly recent reports as given to Bigfoot Field Research Organization:


This report actually aired on Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot” last January. The actual occurrence was reported in 2011.

Location: Hochatown at the now Crystal Forest Venue. The sighting occurred when two young boys were making a video on how to make s’mores – while around the fire pit and near one of the cottages on the property. Later, when watching the footage, they noticed a creature running through the woods behind them. The shape, size and agility seemed to convince most of the cast and crew from Finding Bigfoot that the recording was legitimate.

JULY 2022

Location: Directly south of a bridge on the Mountain Fork River – opposite a tall bluff. Nearest town was Hochatown and Nearest Road was Hwy 259.

Experience Reported: “My husband and I rented a yurt in Beavers Bend State Park on July 15, 2022. Our Yurt sits directly on the Mountain Fork River. We stayed up until midnight and headed to bed. Around 2 am we woke to the sound of 6 or 7 consecutive howls over a 3 minute time span. It was very loud and east of our yurt. It was then silent. 30 minutes later we heard 3 loud hollering vocalizations much closer in the other direction, to the west of us. We have spent a lot of time in the woods. This is a sound we’ve never heard before. It was not a bear growl. It was not a coyote or a bobcat. This was loud.”


Location: The cabin was located on Rose Lane at the border with Beavers Bend State Park. There was open area across the street leading to the park. Nearest town was Hochatown / Broken Bow and the Nearest Road was Rose Lane.

Experience Reported: “My wife and I traveled from our home in the Dallas area for a 5 day trip to Hochatown, OK on 10/26/2020. It had rained all day and had gone to a drizzle by the time we arrived at our cabin around 4:30 pm. We unlocked the cabin and went inside and looked around and then went out right before 5 to start unloading our SUV. My wife grabbed some items and headed inside. Right as she got inside I heard a siren go off in the area of Beavers Bend State Park to warn about water being released from the dam. Immediately I heard a load deep growl. After a few seconds the growl turned into a deep howl. This went on for about 30 seconds and was immediately followed by a loud high pitched scream. This was followed by wooooing sounds that lasted about 2 minutes. My wife came out while this was going on. We didn’t discuss it as I didn’t want to tell her what all I had heard. We grabbed up some items and went into the cabin. Upon coming back outside the sound was gone. I heard the siren go off many more times while we were there but never heard any other sounds. I am an army veteran and also a former scoutmaster and have spent a lot of time in the woods but have never heard a combination of sounds like this. I’m still not certain if this actually was one or a coincidence of several animal calls occurring one after the other. My wife thought the wooooing sound was wind blowing in the forest when we discussed this after we got home. But at the time there was little to no wind blowing and we never heard that again although it blew quite a bit as it rained the majority of time we were there. I originally sent this sound combination to Cliff Barackman and mentioned the Ohio howl and after looking it up it did sound similar to that. At the time I hadn’t really thought much about Bigfoot since back when I was in junior high in the 1970’s but after this have become really interested in it after this.”

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